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Vrium appears as the main atagonist in the majority of the Vrium series.

He appears in all Vrium games; except for: Vrium IV: Serge's Tale.


Vrium I: Edit

Vrium is first shown being announced as the ruler of Vrium; a fearful and powerful demon, who kept the town of Vrium safe from other enemies attacking. It was said that Raqua fought him, however, lost the battle, but was able to seal him away.

Vrium also notes, that his battle with Raqua happened not so long ago, and he even noted he thought Raqua was dead.

Vrium manipulates Etular for the majority of the game, getting him to break the seal for him. After Vrium is broken from the seal, he attemps to kill Etular, but, he ends up unable to, while Etular claims he had broken Vrium's control over him a while ago, and made a secret plan with Serge to lure him out, to finish him off. He suddenly gets enraged, screaming "WHY CAN I NOT DESTROY THIS FEEBLE HUMAN?!" Serge then appears, stating, "Man, you just don't get it do you? Raqua wasn't just simply sealing you away, he sealed your power too." Following that, Etular and Serge "kill" Vrium. Vrium's body sinks deep into the lava